Catalunya '14

Summer appears to be drawing to an end, my toes are telling me that it’s a bit too cold for flip flops & I have been caught hovering by the heating on occasion, wondering ‘Is it too early?’ Screams from Mr W telling me ‘THAT IT BLOODY WELL IS!’

It was a busy one, lots of big bold beautiful weddings (more news of these soon) which kept us busy, including that of my own sibling. Happy days. 

The last day of term found us once again on the M25 doing automotive battle in order to catch the last flight of the day outta here. It was time for the Whitehouses’ to commence their annual, temporary de-camp to their Casa Blanca in warmer climes.

A visit to the icy cold waters of Panta de Siurana took our breath away as did the almighty schlep up to the ancient hill top village above. Siurana, where legends abound and the views of the crystal waters below made us want to jump straight back in. We did. We also visited the nearby Celler de Cornudella to stock up on some delicious young Mistella, a sweet desert wine which makes a handful of local hazelnuts taste even more nutty & honey tart more honeyed.

The shadows were long, the days heated us nicely, the sea salt did peculiar things to our hair, the cicadas were so loud at 5.30am madness could so easily have set it, waterfalls were discovered, a LOT of figs were gathered from the bottom of the garden as were almonds, the prawns were juicy as ever, the Rose was chilled, as were those who imbibed.

And this, was the soundtrack to our summer.