Winter Wreaths

So, to well & truly kick myself into the festive season, I slung some vintage Phil Spector's Christmas tunes onto the turntable and got busy with wires, tape & a whole lot of prickly things in the Christmas wreath making department. While Phil thanked us for listening from his amazing wall of sound & the Ronettes sang with gusto of Mummy Kissing Santa Claus, I glued feathers onto wires & speared flowering brussel sprouts with sticks.

Got to say,  apart from the earthy waft of miniature brassicas when you open the front door, I'm really pleased with the results. Plus, I've now got a warm festive glow developing about me, bring on the tree……..


Winter Greens

Thank you to the Kennedy family for the use of their lovely door x


Culinary Christmas

Bay, sage, rosemary, crab apples, even sprouts in this one, no need to run to the shop if you forget a sprig of thyme or two.