Another detour, another foodie recommendation. The Fish shack www.dungenessfishhut.net on the shingles of Dungeness. Past Derek Jarman's captivating house & garden on the left, you'll find it, if you get to the lighthouse you've gone too far. 

This Wonderful fishy oasis had griddled red mullet baps, fish cakes & crab sandwiches among the tasty delights on offer to take away & enjoy on the beach. A quick look around the back unveiled a tiny fish shop of the best kind, the kind where the fish were caught that day within in a few miles & were now being sold by the man who caught them. We had Dabs for our supper that night. Bloomin delicious.

Whilst we were there we also fell in love with this Airstream Van. It's good to have a dream !

Also found a pebble in the shape of a bird, tweet x