Blackberry & coconut

Had a bit of an amble out to a nearby hedgerow today, came back with some lovely squishy late summer blackberries. What to do with them……

I love a tray-bake, they remind me of good old fashioned school puds. Squares of white sponge with jam and sprinkles, ginger cake with tangy lemon sauce, yum. This one would, I daresay be banned in modern day primaries these days, coconut probably being seen as a choking hazard & high up on the list of childhood allergens. Anyhew, for those that like a risk, these are worth it. Great with custard on about day 3 if you have any left !



Blackberry & thyme ice cream

Had some blackberries left over & some thyme in the garden, which had gone a bit leggy but had produced lovely delicate lilac flowers. So I steeped the cream, crushed the berries, added honey, egg yolks and churned me a batch of deliciousness. Pretty colour.