New Year Granola


In a bid to oust the final festive toxins from our systems, long walks have been taken, we've been abstemious from sugar, bread and wine & we've swapped for the more righteous, well ok we've actually swapped the white for the more more brown & red varieties of the same, but hey ho, every little helps !

So today the house was bathed in the most glorious cinnamon-y fugg as I reached for the oats, nuts, seeds & dried fruit and concocted a hundred weight of delicious tawny granola.

Great to stick your paw into to ward off the mid afternoon slump, wonderful in the morning with yogurt. Or even, sprinkled on top of a warm bowl of what my mum still refers to as stewed fruit but is now more commonly known as compote, for an impromptu crumble of sorts, poured over of course, with cream anglais, also previously known as custard. 

Stick some in your pocket to fuel your wintery walks, although I might suggest you put it in a bag 1st, lest you be set upon by pigeons or have a mouse run up your leg !

Things to remember. Only use unsweetened ingredients, the honey will make it sweet enough & only add the fruit once the baking of the dry goods is done, otherwise it will resemble pebbles.

The recipe (such as it is)

Use 500grms of rolled oats as your base then throw in whatever you have, nuts, seeds, kernels, plus loads of spice. Mix together 1/2 cup of juice, cranberry or orange or even pineapple if your going exotic + 1 cup of runny honey. Stir through the dry ingredients, spread over a large baking sheet or two & bake at 160 for up-to 30 mins turning frequently. Once it's all golden & toasty stir through chopped dried fruits and berries, I used cranberries, figs, raisin & apricots for good measure, about 450grms worth in total. If you choose to go down the caribbean route add mango, banana chips & shredded coconut.

Und soviel, your home smells like a german bakery & you've got yourself a jar of goodness that will keep you virtuous for a good few weeks.

Happy Healthy New Year  x