Maltby Street Market

There was a brief window when the January rain left off, so we shucked our wellies, Mr W donned his Loakes, trimmed his beard and we went off down the Maltby Street Arches for a grazemooch









If I were a  reviewer, my Gin cocktail filled jar would runneth over. So many lean tos & hot spots, serving lovingly prepared deliciousness, so little leniency in the New Year diet.  

Although to be honest, the eateries around here really don't need my two-penneth worth.  Already, much has been documented in weekend supplements about the quality of nourishment to be had. Rightly so. 

Follow the crowds to Monty's deli for an alarming amount of salt beef. Be bold & jostle for a stool in the place that makes me long for Spain, Tozino. Quoff fine wines at no. 40. Fill your face with big, bold, brioche burgers at Market Gourmet.

For those that have not yet been, treat yourselves, near the south side of Tower Bridge, If you hit Elephant & Castle you've definitely gone too far !