Cooking Up A Quiet Storm


In truth, I know that if I consulted with & listened to my heart of hearts, it would tell me that I can’t sing a single note, carry a tune, nor even hum melodically BUT when I’m busying away in the delicious warm fugg of my kitchen my head tells me that, I am for sure, a contemporary of Gladys & Dionne, hell I could give Dusty a run for her money…..

The 1st few lines that accompany my music choices for the  new full-flavoured music blogspot that is Cooking up A Quiet Storm. Can't believe that I actually made the admission, but, it has been strangely liberating. It's good to share & no more so than at CUAQS. A passing around of  succulent culinary playlists, modern day mix tapes if you will, that fuel one of our most primal instincts, the one where we eat, nourish & ultimately nurture.

Take time when you're next cooking up a storm of your own, or even sooner, to go to the spot, read more of my musings on the matter, find out how I justify my outlandish outpouring, feast on the offerings of other soulful contributors & of course have a listen to White & Winsome's 'People Gonna Talk' eclectic collection of tunes, the ones to which we break bread, something wholegrain & virtuos you understand, the New Year detox spins on at 78 RPM.

Enjoy, you're all invited x