Fresh From The Field

New for May on the wonderful gathering place for music & food lovers alike, that is Cooking Up A Quiet Storm a zesty playlist from White & Winsome full of Springtime promise.

Fresh From The Field

Time to shuck those Peruvian mange tout & Guatemalan green beans from our baskets & get a whole lot more local. Cockles are being warmed, rhubarb juices are a flowing, seriously weird gooseberries are plumping nicely, broad beans and peas are ready to be popped straight into mouths from the safety of their pods, asparagus spears are piercing their way through sun warmed soil. It’s spring time my friends, my favourite culinary time of year, fresh & lively from under Winter's blanket, lets have recipes & a playlist to go with the shift from rich & stewy to light & whole lot of zest, both musical & epicurean you understand.

On the eat list

Introducing, newly podded broad beans & peas accompanied by minted feta & soulful sourdough.

Smoked Haddock Scotch Eggs feat Asparagus dippers.

Ginger & her Rhubarb Fools


Enjoy,  you’re all invited x