Winter Weddings

Ahhh the crispness of frost covered mornings, the brilliant winter sun, the hope of a sparkling snow dusted lawn, the warmth from a gathering of family & friends to celebrate your nuptials.

Wedding parties that carry on into warm summer evenings, with the chink of ice in a zesty cocktail filled glass, or mason jar, as is the fashion, are undeniably marvellous. But consider, Churches and wedding venues all aglow with candlelight, festooned with swags of  foliage, toasty with roaring open fires, guests sipping on a mulled concoction of something warming, little bridesmaids in cute cardis. Glorious.

I love a winter wedding, had one myself, although, as it turned out, a grey wintery sky and temperatures an Inuit would find a challenge made their presence keenly felt on that particular date way back when!

Very excited to have been asked to fashion one of these for a candlelit wedding at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent, it's going to look wonderful. By coincidence, Cooling was the setting for our own wedding party, can't wait for a re-vist, lovely memories. This wedding is to be in March, technically Spring some would say. There could still be snow!

Lighting and general ambience sorted, on to flowers. The bold souls willing to embrace the unpredictable season (not that all seasons are not unpredictable in this country) have an incredibly versatile colour palette and a diverse collection of varieties to choose from in the cold stores & galvanised buckets of numb fingered florists.

Deep dark decadent velvety red roses, David Austin's, The Prince. Black Baccara, Black Beauty, partnered with dark green shiny magnolia leaves make me swoon. I had lots and lots in my own bouquet.

Winter pastels, semifreddo shades of cafe au lait, sage, top of the milk creams, sugar mouse dusty pinks, united with silver textual foliages do indeed a beautiful bouquet make as chosen by lovely clients of ours this christmas past.

Simple winter whites, frosty greys & silvers.

Asked recently what I would choose now as my own dream wedding bouquet to celebrate the seasons offerings, well that was easy, a simple as simple could be posy of  celestial Helibores. Fresh winter white, with delicate green centres & snow queen golden crown like stamens. Christmas roses simply tied with a wide ribbon.

I was also asked recently wether I would wear the same dress on my wedding day, hmmm I pondered, yes I would, however, after having been to the wardrobe where it has hung these long years I’m doubting the fit! Maybe a few changes here & there, a shorter version perhaps? A change in colour? Mine was dark red, I’m leaning toward  navy velvet now, a little short veiled hat set at a jaunty angle, all 50’s glamour, suitably set off of course by my simple bouquet of understated loveliness.

As we are talking winter weddings, I felt it only fair that I share!

Did I say lots & lots of deep red roses, I meant tons & tons!

Loved that Jag.