It’s curious, lots of us, myself included, would never ordinarily include much pink in our daily lives, it’s not found in abundance in our wardrobes (I went to my own to check, as I suspected, a pink free zone!) as match pot patches on a soon to be decorated wall or as a 1st thought when buying a new car, but when it comes to all things floral it just keeps pulling us back in. 

Tis an unsentimental wretch who fails to be drawn in by swathes of dog roses through hedgerows or tumbling down embankments in June. Who doesn’t feel the overwhelming desire to bury their faces in the tissue like petals of an open peony? Why would you fail to notice dried rose petals scattered on an exotic Persian pastry? Not to mention vivid geraniums in weather worn vessels or cascading vermillion bougainvillea reminding us of holidays past? She sighs, heavily.

And so to weddings.........

I don’t mind what you use as long as it’s pink”

Now there’s a brief that I can work with!

From faded antique rose to shades of summer berries, pinks are featuring on many a pretty brides mood board and I’m guessing will continue to do so for the happily ever after.

Such a vast selection of varieties in a hugely diverse palette allows for infinite possibilities. Partner pillowy peonies with cloud like hydrangeas. Pepper pretty rose buds, or hyacinth pips through a flower crown to win the sigh factor. Pop blowsy oversized blooms or by contrast, willowy single aquilegia stems into car boot finds (victorian ink bottles & lone china cups, NOT strange single shoes or headless dolls that is!) Group them together or dot them the length of a table & hey presto it’s dressed to very much impress.

Go bold by adding pops of coral to delicate pastel hues.

Sophie recently had a more peaches & cream kinda day. By including the vibrant coral tones of the lovely but unfortunately titled Miss Piggy & adding a smattering of two toned Vuvuzala to pastel pink Sweet Avalanche, plus a whole bushel of other delicate shades, she definitely ended up with a bouquet with character.

Pep things up by including limey alchemilla mollis for zing. Then top the lot off with an additional flourish, adding wide satin ribbons intricately tied or trails in contrasting shades to add personality.

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To add a touch of nostalgia, push out the boat & treat yourselves to luxurious, old fashioned garden style rose’s such as the glorious, Alexander Farms Bridal Piano or Voyage varieties. Or if you’re feeling extra specially whimsical and flush! David Austin’s Keira never fails to bring on a swoon.

Bridal Piano, as featured in Sam’s Cooling Castle Barn Wedding. As much as I nurtured them, they didn’t open quite as much as I would have liked, but it was March & bloomin freezing. Still very beautiful, partnered with some lovely Italian ranunculus & touches of heather.

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Here are a few more that I did earlier & very proud of them I am too, turning a slight shade of blush!!!

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More from Sam & Bens spring wedding, just love those big beautiful ranunculus.

And remember, it’s not just for weddings folks………

Is there anything more beautiful than simple sweet peas in a, well anything really? In my case, handfuls of garden gate purchases stuffed into a collection of half drunk bottles of water in the cars cup holder, made a road trip fly by not to mention heavenly scented.

Even the old pink climber in the garden is having a good year. No pruning, no feeding, battered by the elements, it's the rose that just keeps giving.

If you’re like me, fresh picked roses often find their way to the kitchen. Steep handfuls of petals with sugar and water for a cordial to add, along with crushed strawberries to rum for a sort of daiquiri. Top a cake with a rose pilfered from a neighbours garden and call it tea.

More sweet treats......

Delicious pink concoctions flowed recently, when we set up bar using some of the botanical cordials we've taken to fashioning from hedgerow or farm finds, the afore mentioned rose & strawberry daiquiri (cooled by rose petal ice cubes) sold out quickly, as did the blushing rhubarb & ginger fizz. There was another pink drink on the board that day in the form of a raspberry & thyme clover club, come to think of it now, they were all pretty much from the summer fruits side of the spectrum. No bad thing.

More news on the botanical bar soon............

I now have such a collection of images that I’ve even started a Pinterest board dedicated to pink petals.

Talking of which, found this colour thesaurus on that most excellent of planning tools & I just can’t stop with the superlatives, couldn’t bring myself to use ballet slipper though, my little ballerinas were always indiscernible, far from pretty pink more in the filthy grey area!

Love rouge, definitely going to be slipping that in somewhere!

On the subject of cheek enhancing products. Others would dip into their make up bags, referencing clever names for fancy nail polish & lipstick shades to describe the individual colour pans in the vast paint box of pinkness (myself being a florist with no nails & for ease, when it’s dark in the mornings, the wearer of the same lippy colour for the past decade)  have scant reference material, but I do love a dolly mixture in the van, so............

‘From delicate sugar mouse pastels to bold bubble gum pops, with dusty marshmallow & sweet shrimp between, lets continue to take inspiation, feast, our eyes (& fuel car journeys!) on these delicious sweetie shop shades and keep it pink.’

Blimey, almost forgot pear drops & rhubarb & custards!